Misi贸n Sol
Mi mano calienta la tuya


My hand warms yours

We provide shelter and supplies to high Andean communities, located at more than 3,700 meters above sea level. In times of cold weather, the aid is primarily designated to Cusco and some colder places of Lima. One of our medium-term objectives is to start with the creation of the first greenhouses to achieve a bio-garden, helping them in their diet, also generating additional income for the community with a sustainable project. With your help we can make it happen!

We provide formula milk for babies with malnutrition and in a situation of abandonment. You can help one of our little ones to grow up strong and healthy by becoming their godmother or godfather for a year.

We take care of delivering vitamin and mineral supplements to children in a situation of poverty and / or vulnerable state. You too can be part of this program.

Support us to keep touching more hearts together!

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